NEH and Shandong Wuzheng Group Official Delegation to Guinea Bissau

NEH and its strategic partner Shandong Wuzheng Group have attended to Mr. Dja’s, the former Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau, invitation to visit his prosperous country and the relevant ministries for the purposes of the Development and Mechanization of the Agricultural Sector and supply of the necessary equipment and machinery, which was delayed due to […]

NEH and CHMC Official Delegation to SAHM Steel Offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Based on the visit of SAHM Steel’s General Manager Mr. Hamad AL-Najachi to offices and Steel Billet Plant during July 2019, and his invitation for NEH and its strategic partner CHMC to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for further discussions on their ongoing projects, NEH’s delegation examined the factory’s site and both the experts […]

Visit of Guinea Bissau’s former Prime Minister to Offices in China

Mr. Baciro Dja, the former Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau, have made an official visit to NEH’s offices in China, as well as NEH’s strategic partners Shandong Wuzheng Group in Rizhao Province and China Heavy Machinery Corporation in Beijing.     During this visit major strategic projects important to the people of Guinea Bissau have […]

Sahm Steel Visit to Offices & Factory

Our Chairman of Board Mr. Anas AL-Drayhi warmly welcomed Mr. Hamad AL-Najachi, the General Manager of Sahm Steel Corporation along with his team of experts.   The visit included meetings at our offices in Beijing discussing the way forward in the manufacturing of Steel Billet Factory of an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons. The […]

NEH Attending Sino-African Expo with Partners

New Energy Horizon’s Charmain along with his international Public Relations team attended the first China-Africa Economic & Trade Expo with our strategic partner Wuzheng Group     which took place in China’s Hunan Province. Fifty three African countries did attend the Expo with high level personnel representing their governments, along with representation from The United […]

Equatorial Guinea Delegation to our Strategic Partner Wuzheng Group

After attending the first Sino-African Expo in China, Equatorial Guinea Delegation headed by Seniora Mariolla Obiang along with her managerial team from EG Holding, team continued their business trip to visit our offices and factory in Changdong Province – China.     The team witnessed the production capacity & quality of Wuzhang Group’s Agricultural Equipments […]

NEH Signed an EPC Contract of National Public Universities with the Government of Benin

Mr. Anas AL-Drayhi representing New Energy Horizons with our strategic partner TIEC signed with the government of Benin a 365 Million USD contrat to construct five public universities across the country, with all facilities & installations. The universities when finished, will be able to graduate thousands of students holding different majors to join the workforce. […]